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Shubha scanner launched

Shubha Scanner is state of art scanner available on Amibroker. Now available at introductory price of Rs. 3100/-  or 50 US$. Now you can scan and explore through entire market, with your own filters on Price, Volume, Average Volume, Percentage change. Our scanner will find all stocks matching your filter conditions with report for multi time frame. For Intraday reportRead the Rest…

Launch of Amibroker AFL or trading system development in c#

We now offer custom solution development on Amibroker  platform. The service offering include Development of an  trading systems tuned for your specific needs. Development of scanners based on technical and fundamental conditions. Development of technical indicators Conversion of  AFL to DLL and packaging to sell to retail market. Backtesting of custom trading system. .

Before you invest in stock markets

Lot of my friends ask me for how to start investing in markets. I think one must do following basic things which will help him avoid some common mistakes. Do not jump in trading just because of your friend, colleague, girl friend, boy friend, neighbor made greats profits. There is nothing called tips which can make you net profits. SellingRead the Rest…

Implementing Fibonacci Retracement levels in NIFTY Day trading

If you draw Fibonacci Retracements by connecting bottom and top, it draws few lines. The important ones are 23.6%, 38.2%, 50% , 61.8%,100%, 127.2%,161.8%.  These levels acts as strong resistance or strong support. 50% level is not from Fibonaccci but it’s important emotional level. I use Fibonacci Retracements on 15 min Nifty Futures, daily Nifty Cash. I am publishing few of them here.Read the Rest…

Shubha scanners

Shubha scanner allow you to find best profit making opportunity. It has various conditions. We launch it in December, stay tuned..

Get professional help to develop trading systems.